Moon Hill, Yangshuo

Moon Hill is another famous sight. Located approximately 8 kilometres south of Yangshuo, a great way to get there is to hire a pushbike in town and ride there – the views along the way are super and the traffic is not overly crowded.

I always prefer to get around town on a motorbike – a little more dangerous, but the amount of ground you cover is worth it. The surrounding countryside in Yangshuo is definitely worth seeing and with limited time I like to see as much as possible. Especially in more remote regions there is just so much on offer.

One morning I spent 5 hours cruising around the remote villages and towns, greeting the locals (who by the way don’t see to many westerners) and taking in the landscape. It was a beautiful morning with the wind in my hair and the open road ahead of me, I just love it…….. anyway, back to Moon Hill.

There is no mistaking Moon Hill, also known as “Bright Moon Peak”. With its distinctive geological shaped arch and massive hole in its peak, you can see it from a mile away. With different points of view, the massive hole in the arch takes on ‘Moon-like views’, ranging from full Moon, a half or even crescent Moon.

The walk up takes about 30-40 min, dependent upon fitness. The stone path is very well layed out, but with the late afternoon approaching I had to keep pushing on up the mountain, unable to take a few snapshots of the arch. Also, I was more interested in reaching the ‘peak’.

The adventure really starts when you hike up beyond Moon Hill viewing platform, along more of a natural winding steep dirt track which can be very slippery after rainfall, which I encountered on the way down.

Once reaching the ‘peak’, the first thing I noticed (apart from the spectacular views) was the refreshing breeze, which was soothing after a strenuous hike. A few more photographers made the climb up and enjoyed what was a truly memorable experience.

Darren J.

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2 Responses to Moon Hill, Yangshuo

  1. Ronald says:

    Hi Darren,

    Nice storytelling and awesome images, as usual!

    Congratulations also to being awarded the Melbourne Camera Club “Photographer of the Year” amongst strong competiton, and deservedly so.
    As well as for all the other awards you collected at the MCC End of Year competition:

    * The Len Mullumby Trophy for A Grade Aggregate Prints 2011
    * Set Subject Aggregate Prints Trophy 2011
    * Nature: “Peek-a-Boo” awarded the Crosby Morrison Trophy
    * Land-, Sea- or Cloudscape: “Flame Trees” awarded the Charles Seymour Trophy
    * Best Colour Print: “The Way We Were”

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Darren says:

    G’day Ronald,

    Thanks for dropping in,

    T’was a good night at the MCC, not only for my winnings, but lots of great images and
    a few surprise trophy winners from the ‘newbie’ ranks, which was great to see.
    Hope to catch up soon,


    Darren J.

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