Darren Bennett Photography


'A warm heartfelt smile can breakdown borders and open doors that you never thought possible'. 

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allan, portrait, country victoria, australia photo
village elder, taking time out, yangshuo, china photo
as you watch the hours fly, years may go by, xing ping village, china photo
smokers corner, portrait man smoking, Longji, guilin, china photo
Country Victoria, Australia. Portrait of Allen photo
holding the aces, portrait, old town, xing ping, guilin, china. photo
smoking gun, portrait man, pipe, longji, china photo
red pepper portrait, portrait, lady, chillies, longji, china photo
hush little baby, baby sleeping, grandmother, mother working, old xing ping town, guilin, china photo
Portrait of allen, country victoria, australia photo
bamboo shoot, room filled smoke from bamboo burning, longji, china photo
spectacles in blue, portraot of village lady sewing, longji, china photo